Noro Taiyo Sock –perfect for summer knitting

22 Jul
Noro Taiyo Sock yarn

Noro Taiyo Sock yarn

I’ve always loved Noro yarn for its long colour changes, and this pattern takes advantage of this nicely. It takes only one ball of Taiyo Sock yarn that is divided equally into three balls so that each section starts at a different place in the colour sequence.

If you’ve never done intarsia before, the most important thing is to start the next section by lifting the new section’s yarn underneath the previous section’s yarn, thereby twisting them together. This prevents holes between the sections.

The Taiyo sock is a nice light cottony yarn to work with. Perfect for summer knitting! Both the yarn and the beautiful pattern book Knit Noro Accessories are available on-board Lil Dorothy.


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