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On Saturday, May 2, Lil Dorothy Makes Her Return to Lanark

28 Apr

This weekend, on Saturday, May 2, Lil Dorothy will be making her return to Lanark, for the Lanark Civitan Splash of Spring sale. It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since I got the keys to this lovely little red truck.

I remember the day very clearly: the race to get to the Fire Service office before it closed, trying to get my insurance in order, and then finally the visit to Service Ontario in Perth before IT closed!

Lil Dorothy

Before she was Lil Dorothy, she was a Lanark Fire Service vehicle


It’s official!

Fast-forward to the summer of 2014, when I received an email from Cynthia in Napanee, who thought I might like to buy some of her handspun and hand dyed yarn, which she still had after moving away from her flock of Cotswold sheep she had when she still lived in Lanark County.

This is where it gets REALLY interesting: Turns out her husband, Chris, was a Lanark Fire Service volunteer firefighter, and he built the interior fittings of my truck! I couldn’t believe my luck. Later in the year, Cynthia and Chris came to visit me and Lil Dorothy at an event, and I snapped this photo of Chris. He is standing by “his” cubby hole, the one that used to hold his firefighter gear! Needless to say, he was amazed at how I was able to repurpose the truck into the charming yarn store that it is today.


Chris built the interior of the truck, and came by to visit after it became a mobile yarn store. He is holding “his” cubby hole for his firefighter gear.


Sold out! Do you want to be on a waiting list?

20 Apr


Do you want to Frolic with us? The coach I ordered for the trip is now full, I’ll get in touch with you if more seats become available. Please leave me your name and email, and maybe we’ll see you April 25!

Yours truly,

Joan aka Purlin’ J

Purlin' J's

"One of the coolest 'yarn stores' I've ever seen" --Vogue Knitting magazine, Holiday 2013

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