Lil Dorothy is under the weather

19 May

This past Saturday’s “Day of the Pig” event was memorable one for me and Lil Dorothy, my yarn truck.

I had a wonderful day of yarn selling and met some new customers, plus a few returning customers, who drove up to Sharbot Lake to take part in this annual event. The cars were lined up as far as the eye could see all along Hwy 38! It was quite a sight.

At the end of the day, I turned the key to start up Lil Dorothy and got nothing. It finally happened! My 1982 Ford truck had decided to choose that moment to give me some trouble. After a couple of very helpful customers tried to give her a boost, we determined that the problem was best left to a professional.

But despite the trouble, the Mackenzie family, who owns and operates Seed to Sausage, were very gracious and kind as I waited for assistance. Despite the long, busy day they just had, Megan, Michael, Ken (and Sue) were very understanding and helpful. I got hugs, ginger beer, and lots of words of encouragement!

I am optimistic that Lil Dorothy will be all ready to go this weekend for the Kingston Scottish Festival on Saturday and the Grass Creek Cottage Sale on Sunday. As it stands now, she is still out of commission. I will keep you posted with updates as they occur!

In the meantime, I wish to thank everyone at Seed to Sausage for hosting such a wonderful event, and especially for assisting me with my mechanical woes. They are good people! And thanks also go to my friends Carole and Mike, who stepped up in my time of need. I am grateful to have such wonderful friends.

Yours truly,

Joan aka Purlin’ J


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